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Rita McGrath

In this webinar, Rita McGrath, one of the world’s top experts on business strategy in uncertain environments and an acclaimed Thinkers50 thought leader, provides valuable insights on how to identify early warning signals and prepare your strategies for the possible futures.

Gary Hamel

In this webinar, Gary Hamel, one of the world’s most sought-after management speakers, presents his ideas about Humanocracy. Based on his research and experience he shares ideas on how to create organizations that are resilient, entrepreneurial, and creative.

Anita Krohn Traaseth & Kristin Skogen Lund

In this webinar Anita Krohn Traaseth interviews Kristin Skogen Lund about leadership during the challenging times of the COVID-19 outbreak. This conversation between two of Norway’s well known and experienced top leaders, reveals multiple great tips for leaders on how to be a great leader during these uncertain times.

Stéphane Garelli

In this webinar, Stéphane Garelli, the Emeritus Professor of World Competitiveness (University of Lausanne) and author of Top Class Competitors explains his views on what new business models will emerge from the COVID-19 crisis and what the effects are for the world economy and businesses. Garelli also shares his advice and a few tips for business leaders to cope with the situation.

Risto Siilasmaa

In this webinar, the founder and chairman of F-secure Corporation shares how scenario planning can help companies be better prepared for the future. His insights on the topic can be helpful especially for business owners, CEOs and board members to find and prepare for alternative scenarios.