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Our live stream pass is known for its high-quality live broadcasts from our events. Now, our live stream passes include a live stream of all our 2021 events, access to monthly webinars, and also selected keynotes from our past events. 

Costas Markides

Watch All Events Live

Live broadcasts from all 2021 Nordic Business Forum and Oslo Business Forum physical events. You will also get access to event recordings after the event.*

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Attend Webinars

Interact and learn from the best experts through our monthly webinars. Discuss with peers, ask questions from the speakers and keep developing yourself.

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Access to the Video Library

Access to a video library with selected recordings of past event speeches, interviews, and webinars, plus the recordings of the 2021 live events that become available after their original broadcast for 30 days.*

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*With the exception of speakers that have specifically forbidden live broadcasting or the release of any recordings of their speech. See all exceptions here >>

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Give it a try!

Here’s a short clip from last year to showcase how our broadcasts look and sound.

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Nordic Business Forum Live

Live Stream Pass opens access to all Nordic Business Forum and Oslo Business Forum event broadcasts in 2021, monthly webinars and selected keynotes from past events.

The two versions of the Live Stream Pass are tailored for two different user groups: private people and businesses. The Private Pass is for single users only, whereas the Business Pass (for companies, schools, and organizations) includes several logins and allows the customer to have a public screening for a larger group of people (employees, customers, students, or other).


Private Live Stream Pass

Early Bird Price 149 € + vat

Normal Price 299 € + vat

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For personal use.*

* Private Live Pass holder is not allowed to use the service for public screenings.


Business Live Stream Pass

Early Bird Price 1690 € + vat

Normal Price 2490 € + vat

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For customers who use the service for public screenings.**

** A public screening includes any occasion where the stream or recording is displayed at a place open to the public or at any place where multiple viewers (i.e. more than one) are gathered.