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Randi Zuckerberg

Interview of Randi Zuckerberg at the Viaplay Live Stream Studio during Nordic Business Forum 2019.

The Rethinking Business Online Event

Pre-studio show
Interviews with Minna Sillanpää (OmaSp), Magnus Lindkvist (Futurologist, Auhtor), Alf Rehn (Professor of Innovation, Design, and Management), and Stéphane Garelli (Professor Emeritus of World Competitiveness).

Main program:

  • Amy Webb – Confronting Deep Uncertainty
  • Scott Galloway – The 4 Horsemen Post Corona
  • Dambisa Moyo – The Prospects for the Global Economy in the Post Pandemic Era
  • Patrick Lencioni – Are You Leading for the Right Reasons Going into the Post Covid-19 Era

Breaks program:
Interviews with Tor Haugnes (Lecturer at the Norwegian Business School), Hannu Suonio (PwC Finland), Pep Rosenfeld (Boom Chicago), and Samu Lang (Taaleri).

Artistic program:
Sand art by Daria Jokinen
Piano music by José André Montano

Anssi Rantanen

The winner of our Speaker Contest 2019, explains why experimentation is the key to growth. He also demonstrates, with the help of a very practical example, how technology allows us all to experiment much faster and easier.

Des Traynor

The founder of Intercom shares how the role of marketing is changing as more and more businesses are becoming subscription-based. He points out why marketers should now focus on retention instead of conversion.

Avinash Kaushik

Digital marketer and author, Avinash Kaushik, thinks marketing has become overly superficial and has therefore created an “intent-centric framework” built around four clusters of intent to guide marketing choices. In this keynote, Kaushik presents the principles of his framework and shares how marketers can implement these ideas.

Seth Godin

The world-renowned marketing and leadership author inspires us on how to get our ideas spread when mass marketing and traditional advertising have moved to the past.