The Rethinking Business Online Event

Pre-studio show
Interviews with Minna Sillanpää (OmaSp), Magnus Lindkvist (Futurologist, Auhtor), Alf Rehn (Professor of Innovation, Design, and Management), and Stéphane Garelli (Professor Emeritus of World Competitiveness).

Main program:

  • Amy Webb – Confronting Deep Uncertainty
  • Scott Galloway – The 4 Horsemen Post Corona
  • Dambisa Moyo – The Prospects for the Global Economy in the Post Pandemic Era
  • Patrick Lencioni – Are You Leading for the Right Reasons Going into the Post Covid-19 Era

Breaks program:
Interviews with Tor Haugnes (Lecturer at the Norwegian Business School), Hannu Suonio (PwC Finland), Pep Rosenfeld (Boom Chicago), and Samu Lang (Taaleri).

Artistic program:
Sand art by Daria Jokinen
Piano music by José André Montano