Webinar – Leading Out Of Adversity

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has already changed how most businesses operate, and more changes will likely follow. Many companies have also been able to spot some opportunities in the middle of all the threats and challenges. Together with Oslo Business Forum, we host a webinar featuring Martin Reeves, a chairman of BCG Henderson Institute worldwide, to discuss how businesses can lead their ways out of the current adversities. Reeves will discuss things like:

  • Why Crisis Always Contain Opportunities
  • Why the Average Company Generates Less Value In Downturns but 14% Of Companies Flourish
  • Why the downturns Are the Best Time for Differential Growth

Join us on Wednesday, 13 May, at 11:00 (UTC+3) for the free webinar to learn more.

Please note that there will be no Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

About Martin Reeves:

  • Chairman of BCG Henderson Institute worldwide
  • Member of the BCG Henderson Institute’s Innovation Sounding Board, which is dedicated to supporting, inspiring, and guiding upstream innovation at BCG.
  • A regular contributor to HBR, MIT SMR, Fortune, and other management journals on business strategy and management.
  • A regular public speaker and a repeat TED@BCG presenter
  • Co-author of Your Strategy Needs a Strategy

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The webinar has ended. You can find the recording in our video library.

Martin Reeves