Webinar – New Business Models emerging from the Crisis

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has already changed how most businesses operate. The implications of this crisis are likely to be long-lasting, and will cause new businesses and new business models to emerge. We invited Stéphane Garelli, the Emeritus Professor of World Competitiveness (University of Lausanne) and author of Top Class Competitors, to discuss these issues with us.

During the webinar Garelli will give insights on:

  • How does the financial landscape look like and how does it evolve?
  • What can be the new business models emerging from the crisis?
  • How to prepare so that you are even more competitive after this than what you were before this crisis?

Join us on Wednesday, 22 April, at 14:00 (EEST) for the webinar to learn more.

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The webinar has ended. You can find the recording in our video library.

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