Webinar – The Phoenix and The Unicorn with Peter Hinssen

What you will learn?

During our last webinar of the year, Peter Hinssen, a serial entrepreneur and bestselling author, will provide his insights on corporate innovation. His presentation will focus on the Phoenix, those companies that are able to rethink themselves in cycles. Especially, if you are working in a traditional business or market, this webinar will inspire you to reinvent yourself. It won’t just zoom in on what you need to do in order to innovate, but also on how you can make innovation a reality in your organization. Hinssen will share his answers to questions such as:

  • How you can apply innovation as an antidote to a radically changing environment and which models you can use for that?
  • Which New Normal technologies can help you keep yourself relevant for your customers?
  • How you can apply Peter’s Hourglass Innovation model to find a perfect balance between the innovation and experimentation part of your company and the one focussed on scaling and running the business?
  • What are the most innovative customer experiences, cultures, platform approaches, and structures that will allow your organization to keep reinventing itself?

Before the session with Peter Hinssen, we will have a discussion on innovation with Zongyang Zhao (Chief Strategy Officer, Huawei Nordics and Baltics), to learn more about Huawei’s innovation culture and best practices on involving customers in innovation.

Join us on Wednesday, 9 December at 10:00 (UTC+2) for the free webinar to learn more.


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Peter Hinssen

A serial entrepreneur, advisor, keynote speaker and author, Peter is one of the most sought-after thought leaders on radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things digital on society and business. He lectures at various business schools such as the London Business School (UK) and MIT in Boston. Peter has founded nexxworks to help organizations become fluid, innovate and thrive in ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.

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